Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK so tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of summer right? So tell me why my kids had to go to school in jackets!! Ah this weather cant ever just be perfect can it ;) I will admit we have received ALOT of one particular aspect of Summer and that would be the summer storms, man I have seen enough storm clouds, hail and tornado warnings to last me the next year!

I guess it could be worse I could be home this week without Robert and be really scared of storms, so thankfully storms don't really bug me too much.

Victoria was treated to Dairy Queen last night by Auntie Japhia and Daniel. It was to celebrate both Victoria and Daniel completing their Piano exams. Japhia shared a funny thing Victoria said to her. Today is the day 'Dorothy' our cleaning lady....I love Dorothy....comes to clean the house. So its standard that on Wednesday night we tidy up so Dorothy can actually see what she needs to So Victoria says to Japhia, "Its great that my Dad isn't here cause we hardly have to tidy at all!" Man we were both rolling...casue she was RIGHT!! Still missin' him though, messiness and all...



Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Hope all is well and no torandoes!

ncie blog.

Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

tornadoes, I mean

KC said...

Hey that looks like our last few weeks. Especially at night time. Want to come to Kansas and see some more ;)

Catherine said...

LOL! Out of the mouths of babes!

Hoping your storm system moves on soon. Come on summer!

Congrats Victoria on completing your first exam! She looked totally adorable!

Not many sleeps now friend!

Thankful said...

OK...too funny...he may not be tidy..but I know he enjoys a tidy home!!! Thanks for ALL you do!!!
Hope the storms are all over and the sun will shine for you again..We have all the sun out here in Sask....sorry!!
Only 2 more sleeps and he'll be home!! Love you lots
Thinking about you and the kids daily and sending love your way.

Thankful said...

THis is the day he comes home....I would like to see that welcome home you think the kids will sleep before he gets home??
Hey....did you sell the company while they were away...I know you have a good business head??
love you all