Saturday, June 14, 2008

~He's in The Air~

I haven't mentioned anything here, but Robert left today for the Dominican :( He was treated to a week away by our Boss...with our Boss... His flight left today at 3pm. Joshua and I dropped him off and Victoria said good bye on the phone since she is away today, Joshua gets emotional very easily as I have said before, he was all smiles saying goodbye but once Daddy was out of site the I will miss Daddy waterworks began...cause 7 days is a very long time in his little world. Considering I have to run the Business while they are both away, 7days is a very long time in my world too!

So Josh and I spent the afternoon running errands. We really needed a shoe rack at the front door cause we all have way to many summer shoes :) and I found the PERFECT one at Walmart today. It was the last one and it was unreachable so a 'Friendly Sales Associate' had to help me. It has the dark wood finish on the sides to match all our furniture so I was thrilled to find something a little more high end than a plastic one! Shopping always tired out my little helper, here he is on the way home.

I have admittedly not even started my garden this spring, so that is the only thing on my To-Do list now. I would like it all done when Robert returns home next Saturday. Just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the Squirrels are not as bad this year and destroy it all....


Joyful said...

Your little shopper looks like he's enjoying a nice nap. Glad all went well. WOW - 7 days is a long time!!! Wondering how long his flight is?? And here I'm anxious about a 2 hour flight and 3 days away. Perspective, perspective, perspective!
Call me if you need anything.
See you tomorrow,
Love & prayers,