Sunday, April 19, 2009

~Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold~

OK so what is up with this weather, in the past week I have worn a winter jacket a spring jacket and NO jacket and not in the order that you would think! Geez I almost unpacked my sandals yesterday but would have had frostbite on them today???? So today as you have probably guessed was chilly once again, we had a pretty slow day, Robert went to visit Grandpa in the hospital, things are still the same so prayers are still needed and greatly appreciated. We went to the flea market this afternoon and I never realized there was this AWESOME section attached to it with really good name brand stuff(Revlon, Neutrogena, Aveeno etc) for C-H-E-A-P....must go back there with a female companion!!!! Joshua has been out bike riding twice now...would be 200times if we let him...I should get my 10lbs I need to shed right now off just by tagging along to the park with him to ride his 2 wheeler...OK so I may have to work a little harder than that, but it would certainly be nice....

Victoria is off to see The Sound Of Music with Grandma, Catherine and her best buddy Rebecca, and Joshua is excited to have a bath with his newly acquired bath boats that we bought today for 99cents. He had a bath last night and would normally not have one tonight but since he got these boats he said, "Can I please have another bath tonight??" I said yes and was told, " You are the best Mom in the whole world"...ah if only it could be that easy to please them forever, my sweet Victoria is opening me up to a whole new world of being a Mom as of late, I hope I make it through OK, but for now I am off to bathe my little boy who thinks I rock....


Saturday, April 18, 2009

~Good Bye Training Wheels!!~

Joshua had his first ride on a big bike today. Jaiden handed this bikedown to him and we got a new tube put in it today and it was ready to go. He was so proud he kept saying "Im doing great arent I???"

Here is a video of him riding to his hearts content......


Friday, April 10, 2009

~New Beginnings~

We are already nice and 'settled' into our new home. The only room in shambles right now is the Master bedroom. We were planning on a furniture delivery tomorrow but the items are on backorder so we have to wait till next weekend.....and so here are the some pictures of the mainfloor.

The kids love the house too, today is a holiday and we are all home together and the kids have already gone to the park 3 times today! Roberts Parents came to see the house today and my family comes to see it tomorrow :)


Friday, April 3, 2009

~Confirmation the Right Choice Made~

So the countdown is on, we move in only 5days!!! If we didn't already feel our choice was the right one it was surely confirmed today when we received the first big rain of spring. We were greeted by a very wet basement.

Here is a shot of under the stairs...a pool of water....
Obviously things are ALOT worse than we originally thought. Any small crack in the concrete floor is oozing water. Robert jumped in one spot and the water actually bubbled up through the floor. The picture below is showing the area of the basement thats finished and the water is coming out from the floating floor, you can actually splash it with your hands.

And so...Wednesday cannot come fast enough......


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~Shanae's 6th Birthday!~

We celebrated Shanae's 6th birthday a couple weeks ago...Im a little slow to posting I know....

~The Birthday Girl~

~Picture with Mom~
~Darlene and Jaiden~
~Victoria(Do you see attitude?)~
~Joshua and Paka~

We had a great time at Chuck E Cheese and cant wait to go back to celebrate Jaidens birthday in a few months!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~The Stitch~

Victoria cut her finger cutting an apple last week. She ended up needing stitches which were referred to by Joshua as 'The Stitch'. She did really well considering the numbing needle didn't work until the last stitch went in :( I think her tolerance for pain medication is similar to that of Roberts. Now that this has happened though at least we can give Dr's and Dentists a 'heads up' so to speak. She has never had a cavity or anything so this was the first time she really experienced pain medication. So she had the stitches in for a week and had them out of Friday. Our family Dr says the Dr did a great job and she should heal just fine and without a scar. We of course HAD to take a photo of her injury to remember it....when she first saw it she refused to ever look again and I told her one day you will want to see it so I documented it with a photo!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ive been getting in the mood to do some of the minor improvements I have wanted to do to the house since we moved in. On the top of my list was the bathroom. I love our bathroom but I could see so much potential for it. This weekend I rolled up my sleeves and dove right in!

Here is the 'before'

And the 'Afters'

The biggest difference than the blue colour of course is that the window frame and the cupboards you can see in the mirrors reflection were unfinished pine before and they have been changes to white which make such a big difference. I also took the blind off the window and frosted the glass to open the room up, let the light in but give us privacy at the same time.

Really happy with the finished product, it was worth the effort...onto the next project!