Saturday, June 21, 2008


We had a fun day today...our final day without Daddy!!! YaY!!! Unfortunately he doesn't fly in till midnight tonight so we technically wont see him till Sunday morning when we wake up. It was strange waking up Saturday morning without him. We always sleep in on Saturdays and then Robert runs out to pick up breakfast when he wakes up from either McDonald's or Burger King. Today it was just us. We had a rather 'lazy' morning and then headed out for a couple little errands, lunch at McDonald's(again something we always do with Daddy on Saturday afternoon) and cant forget about a trip to the PARK!!!

After all that fun stuff, we decided to make Robert one of his favorite deserts for when he comes home. I was reading Caren's Blog yesterday and saw that her girls made a Strawberry Pie after they went strawberry picking and I thought it would be fun to do the same :) We didn't get a chance to go strawberry picking but we did get them fresh from the local Farm stand. Since Caren was brave enough to let her kids do it pretty much unassisted I thought I would be brave and do the same. I wont lie to you, I don't usually let the kids help me cook/bake much cause the mess kinda gets to me, but they have so much fun when I do....I really must lighten up more often!

Don't they look proud of their accomplishment? Cant wait to have some with our lunch WITH Daddy tomorrow!!! WooHoo Hey on a side note, can you tell I took these pics with our actual camera and not my phone?? I apologize that my photo quality is not always terrific, I rarely have my camera with me, but unfortunately always have my phone ;)


Thankful said...

And I am going to miss lunch guys look like you did a TERRIFIC job!!!!.Love you and miss you all VERY much....Maybe grandpa will enjoy my piece LOL
Love you lots...have a great day tomorrow...We are settled in Sask. and Cathy's computer works in the will keep in touch....SEE you soon NEXT week!! Love Grandma
ps...Michelle YOU DONE GOOD!!!!

Catherine said...

Yay...Daddy is coming home!  What a fun day and the kids did a great job making the pie for Daddy.  Great job Victoria and Joshua!!

Caren (Haley and Avery's Mom) said...

Your pie looks beautiful and they look SO proud of it!!!

Hope you are having fun with Daddy now that he's home :)

Joyful said...

Michelle - the pie looks delicious! The kids did a great job!!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe with me - I think even I could do that - if not - I know two little people who could help me.

Your new blog design is so pretty. Beautiful - just like you!

Love & prayers,