Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~And the Answer is.....~

It was just a piece of the parkay floor that had literally arched up on the floor. There was some water in that area last week and it must have....in that short period of time made the floor warp! Thankfully nothing living/dead..whew Thanks for checking it out for me Larry :)

We have talked to Robert everyday he has been gone. He calls me once while I am at work and once in the evening so he can talk to the kids. It was so cute last night he called and seemed a wee bit down, he is really missing me..hehe. He said everything he see's or does he thinks, "I wish Michelle was here" or "I wish Michelle could see this" He loves me :))))(that's a super grin..lol) The kids are missing him, Joshua a little more openly than Victoria. Joshua was really missing him at bedtime and had to sleep with me and lie where Daddy lies and hold his pillow just like Daddy does....it was so sweet. He is counting the days till Daddy comes home and was happy it only takes 1 hand to count the days now. Victoria is on a field trip to Cedar Park today, Joshua's class went too, but with Robert being away I couldn't go along so I kept Joshua with the sitter all day....call me overprotective but I just cant send my 5 year old to a water park without Mommy or Daddy!!


Thankful said...

My dear Michelle....it makes a Mom's heart warm to hear of the love between you two...and that Rob calls so frequently..HEY ..I wonder where he gets that from!!!!
LOL...I have only called home 4 times...2 x to Larry, one to Mom and Dad and one to Joybells to encourage her...as I was on a SMALL plane today...Settled in for the night now...take care only one hand til Rob gets home...I;ll be glad when he gets home to you too..Love you all lots...Mom

Joyful said...

I don't call you "over protective", I call you wise and loving and caring! I would have done the same thing!

Thanks for the comment you sent me today - and especially for your prayers. Can't wait to tell you all about it!

Love ya,
PS. "thankful" actually called me twice today...how quickly they forget!

Catherine said...

Grandpa to the rescue! Yeah Grandpa!

It's wonderful to hear how often you and the kids are able to chat wiht Rob.

You're a great mom Michelle! Very wise to keep your little one home rather than send him to a water park without you. I'm sure he had a great day!

Carol said...

I'm thrilled that it wasn't a very dead (with rigormortis) mouse! haha!