Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~Some Joshua Funnies~

OK so since my little tornado is feeling much better and my heart has come up from my stomach and back to its rightful spot in my chest, I thought I would share some of the humorous portions of our trip to the hospital. First off I will say that I just cant convey how hilarious Joshua truly is, he will have anyone laughing in no time. Thing is he doesn't intend to be funny, he is just so incredibly genuine so to speak, he more or less says what all of us think, but don't have the guts to actually let out of our mouth!

So our story starts when we arrive at the hospital and visit with the Triage Nurse, she says hello to him and he sits down in the chair and she asks his name. Joshua says(in a somewhat frustrated tone) "My name is Joshua, don't you remember me, I came hear when I had my ear infection and was screaming my head off." Then she starts to put the heart rate monitor on his finger, he knows the drill, been there done that! Then she goes to put on and explain about taking his blood pressure, he says, "I know, I know, your going to check my blood pressure" As it starts she tells him that is might hurt and he proceeds to tell her, it wont be an issue for him cause he can hanlde it. Well she is typing away and it gets tighter and loser and Joshua while tapping his hand says non chalantly, "Yup its getting tighter........its really tight now........" But wont admit its discomfort because he had stated that it was no problem..lol So now we are sent to bring his chart to the next desk and off we go....

We arrive at the next desk and Joshua hands over his forms, the Nurse says, "Hi little Guy." To which Joshua states, "My name is not Little Guy, its Joshua Robert Perkins and this is Michelle(as he points to me) and this is Robert(as he points to Rob.) They put on his wrist band which he proceeded all night to call his 'leash.' Right away he was not thrilled since it had his name backwards(It was printed Perkins, Joshua Robert....so backwards in his opinion) He talked about this issue on and off through the whole night. He also met a really nice older Gentleman when we were waiting in the XRay Department for his CT Scan. You have to take numbers in that area, and when Joshua struck up a conversation with this man the man ended up asking Joshua if he would trade numbers with him(he was to be seen before us) It was so sweet. Joshua still remembers his name and mentioned him yesterday when we were talking about racecars because the man said he used to race cars. There were a couple other things he did that cracked us and everyone around up, (he seriopusly thought everyone should have remembered him from his ear infection visit in which he was screaming his head off) but I will just lastly share that when we got the results that everything was OK and he could go home, he just had to talk to someone about the fact that his 'leash' had his name backwards and how unimpressed he was. The Nurses completely humoured him telling him they would have a talk with the person..lol. So Joshua's humour kept our spirits up that's for sure, and we have some happy stories and memories of our Hospital visit.



Thankful said...

Every time I think about Josh and his comments I laugh...remember also the one about how they said he and his friend ran into oneanother and he said...Uh No!!..Connor was running too fast and bumped into me....I can see his serious sweet face ..so frustrated ...he is such a realist an SO like his dad as a "little" person...the new look is great..you will have to show me how to do this!! LOL

Joyful said...

Reading these hilarious moments is one thing - seeing Joshua and living them another!!!! He has to be one of the cutest little guys ever!!!! I love that whenever he is asked how he is doing he always responds positively - even when he's suffering with some discomfort. I need to have his outlook on life more often!

See you tonight. I'm sure you'll have some new, fresh Josh stories to tell!
Love & prayers,
PS. Love the new look!

KC said...

He's sooooooooo funny!!!!!! Isn't it funny and amazing the things these kids say sometimes. :) Glad he's doing ok.

Elizabeth said...

Awww, he's so cute! Don't you just love the way they see the world?!? I'm so glad he's okay!