Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weather Funk...

I know I cannot possibly be the only person in a 'Weather Funk'....I am, in general a fan of colder weather, I could never live somewhere that its hot all the time, but this winter(oh wait its Spring now right?) is dragging on and on and I am so tired of it. Even just a couple days of near 10 degree tempuratures would perk me up! Oh well, I guess I just have to hope that April holds some spring weather. I booked a hair appointment for tomorrow and I think I will get more highlights than lowlights this time, maybe that will lift my weather spirit up until the actual tempurature rises.


Joyful said...

I'm with you!!! I actually dressed for "spring" today...but I was COLD!!! Trying so hard to encourage the warmer weather.
Have fun at your hair appointment.

Catherine said...

I think the early Easter has thrown us for a loop. Easter normally = spring...not snow!

Very thankful for the sunshine but ready for warmer temps too. Didn't wear a coat all weekend even though it was cold out hoping to encourage spring. Did it work? Ummm...nope. Snow today. Snow tomorrow. Ugh!

Come on SPRING!!!

Vicki said...

I agree with Catherine - I think Easter threw us off.
But I am SOOOOOOOOOO ready for spring. Seriously - we are all in such a fatigued funk and I think it has a lot to do with it.
All I know is baseball started yesterday - darnit, that means warmer weather - right??? A girl can wish!!! ;)

Carol said...

Totally know how your feel, Michelle! Getting highlights will help and if you have time, pop into Lovely Nails in the Shoppers Drug Mart/Arby's plaza and get a manicure/pedicure for a very low price! I treated myself a couple of weeks ago....having painted toenails also makes you feel more springy!

Caren (Haley and Avery's Mom) said...

You are singing my song!!!! I can't WAIT for winter to be over. We leave for Florida on Saturday for 12 days and it BETTER be spring by the time we get back!! (tapping foot) ;)