Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lets try this....Again!

Ok, so I am going to try this whole blogging thing out. I think being a Full time working Mom stealing some time away to write will be somewhat of a stress reliever for me. Never mind the fact that there are so many cute and adorable things my kiddos do daily that I just dont take the time to document...bad Mommy, I know. I guess the best place to start is with today! Had a busy day at work..as usual. The weather has once again reverted back to winter, today was a mixed bag of snow, sleet, rain....a downer really. Truth be told I love winter, I have always loved the cold but this year has been too much for even me, I am craving the sun and warm days more than ever this year and keep thinking in my head, next week should be much better, now I am just hoping it doesnt SNOW in April....

As for the kids, Joshua didnt want to go to school today, we had the same problem after Christmas break, he doesnt go for a while and just isnt into it and I have to drag him there hoping we dont have a completely embarrasing episode...been there...so today I bribed him by saying I would play Playstation when we got home and let him win, hey whatever works right? If you think he would forget this promise your dreaming, he was ready to play within seconds of coming through that door. We played Heroes of the Pacific, not a total kid game, you fly fighter planes and shoot down other planes, can I just say my 5 year old Son rocks at Heroes of the Pacific!! The Mom plane crashed and burned just about every 30seconds and the Josh plane was ruling the skies.

Victoria wasnt too happy with me today, I requested a call from her Teacher when I returned her report card today. Overall her report was fantastic, but she is struggling with math, I can see it and really want to help her, so I requested a tutor. I can help her, but she loses her patience with me too fast(can you say 10years old???) and we both end up frustrated, its just not worth it, so I need some outside help. Unfortunatly the tutor group her teacher has is full...hmmm purhaps the math isnt being taught well/too advanced/too rushed...all of the above??? So we will see if another teacher has room in their group. Victoria also wants to join the Basketball team and while I like her to try everything and be a part of teams, I just dont think she can stick it out. She tends to get all hyped about something and then loses interest and doesnt fulfill her commitment. She really enjoys Piano, however getting her to practice is torture. She also loves Judo, but again getting her to classes is a struggle. Now she wants Basketball. Thing is its work for Robert and I too, since Robert would have to drop her off for early morning practices and I would have to pick her up later when there are after school games(if she was to make the team of course) I dont know, we want to say no, we will probably say no, so I guess she will be even more unhappy with me...


H.N. Eisley said...

Hooray! I cant wait to read about the daily stuff ;)

Vicki said...

Hey Michelle - welcome to the crazy world of blogs. I'm terrible about trying to keep up with mine. I can't find the time during the day and when I get home, the last place I want to be is on the computer.
Anyway, I feel your pain about the frustration with you and Victoria when you help with homework. Mason and I are the same way. It bothers me so much because I'm just trying to help but he gives me such a hard time. :(
It's so hard to balance it all!!!! *sigh* No wonder I'm always so tired!!!!
Anyway, I look forward to reading your entries and keeping up with what's going on in Canada!!! :)

Catherine said...

Yeah...you're back!! It's fun to read the goings on with your great family.

About the Playstation. I'm totally impressed that you can even get the plane to take off in the first place! Kids have us totally beat when it comes to this stuff but I'm sure Joshua will remember the time you spent with him today...and oh yah, that he whooped your butt! Somehow they don't forget that stuff either! LOL!

10 is tough. Victoria does so well with her other subjects, hopefully she'll be able to get into a study group to help her with math. It's tough these days as it's so hard for us to understand what they're doing let alone help them out. Hope things work out as you decide about the basketball. I love to participate...HATE to practice. These days when I give my kids the practice speech at the piano bench I sit back a bit less they get grazed by the lightening bolt intended for me! :o)

Welcome back to blogging friend! It's a fun, wonderful world with great friendships just waiting to be formed.

love ya!