Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy 'Good Friday'!

Good Friday~Christ's death reminds us of the human sin that caused his death. We see that salvation comes only through godly sorrow—both God's and, in repentance, ours. To experience happiness, we must first experience sorrow. Go forth in tears return in joy.

Spent a Relaxing day at home with my family......but alas my phone started ringing this afternoon with problem and after problem from work. Now realize I do the scheduling for the company and the schedule that included today went out LAST Wednesday!! Do you believe people were calling me all day saying "Its a Holiday, do I still have to go in today???" on top of that 1 Officer called the Supervisor to ask the same thing and mentioned he was at work and they were closed and she told him to go home??????? Thankfully he then called me and I told him to stay. So I called her and I am not going to lie to you I wasn't thrilled when she went on to say that the place was closed so I figured he could go home, truth is the place is ALWAYS closed when we are there!!! We are the night security!! Anyway its now 9:30pm as I sit here and vent and I really hope that my phone doesn't ring again....a girl can dream right;)

On a happier note for the day, Robert actually purged ALOT of clothes today, and if you know my husband you know he has a clothing problem worse than any woman! We then delivered the hand me downs to Chris(his cousin) later in the afternoon..and had our Starbucks fix at the same time, popped over for a visit with Mom and Dad, picked up our Easter Loaf they were holding onto for us(yummy) and then back home for dinner and the big preparation for the Father/Daughter/Son sleepover in the basement tonight. Will share more on that tomorrow...


Joyful said...

Michelle, I LOVE reading your thoughts here. Your Easter message left tears in my eyes.

Hope you didn't get any more calls. Wondering if everyone is sleeping at your home?? Father/Daughter/Son sleepover - TOO CUTE! Guess that means your relaxing in bed by yourself!

Can't wait to talk to you. Want to tell you the AMAZING God-Story surrounding my trip. WE MUST do coffee - STARBUCKS!!!

Love you too,