Sunday, March 30, 2008

Late Easter Post!

Had a wonderful Easter, the kids enjoyed their egg hunt and there goodies from the Easter Bunny :) We decided to head back to Church on Easter Sunday, hoping that Joshua would do better and he did pretty good. He has a hard time with the volume of noise during the period he sits with us, but he did better than I expected. We went back this week and I talked to him a bit before we went about the noise and that if it bothered him to just cover his ears. Today overall went better than last week, he tried the I have to go to the bathroom bit, but I was able to hold him off till his Sunday school time. He also seemed to really enjoy Sunday school this week and was very happy when he came out. Victoria is enjoying being back, she has asked to stay with us instead of going to Sunday school. She is so cute, trying her best to keep up with the Pastor and taking notes. She is experience a wee bit of frustration in that when she turns her Bible to where he says, she has a different Version and so it doesn't read word for word to what he is saying. Later today she went to a birthday party at the Rec Center and was really excited to get into a pool again and do some swimming, unfortunately she said the generator broke 45min prior to the party so they could only go in the kiddie pool....when I picked her up and we walked past the pool it was fine...disappointing...
Busy week at work ahead. Its a payweek..yippee..and I have to hire for a new site that starts on the 7th, thankfully I have a ton of resumes I received over the weekend to weed through and hopefully find some good quality people!


Joyful said...

Adorable picture!!!

Glad the return to church is going so well. LOVE having you with us!!! Thought today's message was amazing!!!! Maybe I knew some of these truths before, but I haven't been living them. So different when it goes from head to heart.
Hope you have a great week.