Thursday, July 3, 2008

~What a Weekend!~

Well I had a much deserved..if I do say so 4 day weekend. Tuesday was Canada Day and I was able to take the Monday as well and we spent the weekend up north. We arrived to a rather rainy day but the weather improved bit by bit and was beautiful on Tuesday and we were able to get in some fun in the sun before we headed home around dinner time. Robert went water skiing and would you believe my adventurous Victoria gave it a try!! What a girl!! She wasn't able to get up, unfortunately Uncle Gord didn't have kids skis and they were just too big and heavy for her little legs.

I got some bad news on Sunday that one of my Guards, only 22years old, had passed away in the early morning. It appears that life got to be too much for him and he chose to end it far too early. So sad on so many levels....

I came back to work without my Assistant because she unfortunately broke her foot on Monday, she will be in a cast for the next month but is back today to help me...thank goodness :)

I have TONS of pictures but Robert took them and used his camera so I cant download it.


Caren (Haley and Avery's Mom) said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Although, I'm sorry to hear about the unfortunate news about your employee that took his life and your assistance breaking her foot.

Glad you were able to get away and recoup!

Catherine said...

Glad you had such a great weekend up north! Isn't it a treat when the weather is so much nicer than originally thought?

Sorry about your employee. Praying for his family and for you too.'s almost Friday already. Have a great weekend!

Joyful said...

Michelle, can't wait to see the pictures. Glad Rob and Victoria had such a fun time on the boat. Can't wait for you to be back up again! LOVE being with you!

Have a great day!