Thursday, July 17, 2008

~Packing Up~

Haven't updated in a while. Every spare moment has been spent packing things, taking some items to the new house and out and about buying the things we want to make it just perfect!

Had a great 'God' moment last night/this morning. We bought a new larger Dining table and I had listed our old one for sale on some local selling sites and had yet to have a taker, I couldn't really fathom why since I was asking very little and its a nice set (with one chair that needs tightening) Anyway last night out of no-where I got the urge to offer it to a friend(more like family though) and I got her response this morning saying that she was just yesterday saying that she really needed a new set and that mine was exactly the style she wanted! So the set will have a new home...and a new little one sitting at it in the next year :)

Got an email this morning from Joy sharing a link to Christopher's new Anthem submission for the Toronto Maple Leafs, I think he did an awesome job!! Here is the link if you wanna have a listen

It unbearably hot today, thank goodness we got A/C this year and even more grateful that the new house has Central Air. Our next big jobs with the move is getting the house nice and clean and putting together some of the items we bought so that we can enjoy them right when we move it. Of course there is still Joshua's room to tackle too...I really need to get my claws into that soon.

Only 10 days to go!!!


Joyful said...

Hey, thanks for sharing about Chris on your blog! You're so sweet!!!

Remember, I WILL HELP YOU!!!! If you need an extra set of 'claws' CALL ME!!!

Excited to read about your God-moment! Keep sharing those. Each God-moment begets more God-moments!!!

Love & prayers,

PRGUY said...

I can easily see why y'all are so excited to get into the new place....and Victoria has the choicest room in the house! (You go girl)
The kids have grown so much since I last saw them; I believe at least 3 1/2 years ago or so?
Looking forward to seeing the new place when I finally get a chance to visit Canada again.
God Bless and take care.

Lexington, South Carolina

Thankful said...

So excited for you!! Can hardly wait for coffee on front OR back of house...both are great!!!!
So thrilled about your God-moment!!They really are to be recognized and remembered!! Glad you were able to fill someone else'e need!!
Love ya

Catherine said...

Michelle, the moment we shared is so cool! It's so neat when God knows the desires of our heart and answers even before we can ask Him! Too cool!!

I was able to share our God moment with Mary-Mia today and pray that He will use it as a testimony of His faithfulness. As hard as the wait for Hannah is I am SO THANKFUL for the opportunities He has given to meet amazing new people and I pray that my life can be a testimony of His love to them. Today God used you as a part of His testimony to a dear friend in California. Too cool!

Looking forward to picking up your kitchen table and next year, taking pictures of Hannah enjoying her meals at that table! Oh yah, and I'm sure there will be many more pics of your sweetie at our sleepovers while dining at that table.

Love you friend! Happy to help with the move when I get home...just give me a call.