Friday, July 18, 2008

~One Happy Husband~

We have been spoiled by both of our Parents for the new house. My parents gifted us a new Lawn Mower and yesterday we were gifted a BBQ from Mom and Dad 'P' :) Now I know the gift is for us, but, well, lets just say Robert is in BBQ heaven. He has wanted a Stainless Steel BBQ for a long time and he has been saying it more than ever since we got the house and voila....

Now realize he is likely going to want to BBQ every meal, everyday for the rest of the summer, anyone want a burger??
Thank to both Mom and Dad's your gifts are so gratefully you.


Joyful said...

When's the party? I'd love a burger and I'll bring salad and dessert! Can't wait!!!

Love & prayers & excitement,

Catherine said...

Looks great! What wonderful parents you both have and I know they're all so happy for you!

Hmmmm..if I'd known about the BBQ when I was there tonight I'd have ordered up a burger. Enjoy!!

PS - THANK YOU again!