Sunday, July 27, 2008

~T'was the Night before...~

OK so I am managing to pop on one more time before tomorrow morning..hehe. Its 10min to 9 and why does there seem like there is still so much to do??? We will likely e up very late tonight and up very early tomorrow morning.

Last evening Joy came over to the house with me and spend a couple hours helping me do a cleaning...thanks again Joy, cleaning is so much more fun when your not all alone! She had wanted to bring her camera, but forgot it..... and I am secretly glad cause most of you would laugh at how organized everything is already and we don't even technically more in till tomorrow. Robert and I have been taking some loads over the in car since we are just a couple blocks away. Also since we bought quite a bit of new things for the house its actually looking 'set up; in some rooms.

Guess I better get get back to work, thank again Joy! Oh and Cathy the Bath and Body works stuff is making the house smell wonderful, thank you so much!



Joyful said...

Thanks for letting me help you last night. It was so much fun to clean with you and visit, chat and laugh! You amaze me!!!!!

Can't wait to come and see it all set up...when will that be...tomorrow at 2pm?? HAHAHA!!!!

Love ya,

Catherine said...

Glad to hear you're so settled already. You're so right that cleaning with a friend is much more fun! I'm sure you and Joy had a great time getting your new home ready to move in to.

You're so welcome for the B&BW stuff! Thanks for the kitchen table! I'll be heading back there the weekend after next so if you need anything else just let me know and I'll pick up more for you.

1 more sleep until your new home!!