Saturday, May 3, 2008

I dont think I can do it!

I am leaving in a few minutes to get my hair done...I don't think I can cut it. I have to tell you, I have never been one to be really 'attached' to my hair. I have had it super short, above the shoulder, below pretty much everything in between. That being said this is the longest I have grown my hair since Robert and I first met almost 15years ago and I am quite attached! Robert says cut it, others so NO WAY! uhg, I guess we will see if I turn out to be brave or not....likely not, but who the way this is the length right now.
***Ok I cut it but not took off more than I usually do, like 2 inches and had it really layered out and I got side steps...


Joyful said...

OH...Michelle...can't wait to hear the outcome of this mornings adventure. Waiting for the update!!!!!
You'll be beautiful with whatever you decide - you are beautiful!

KC said...

Ok, how dare you come here and say you cut it, but not show any updated pictures? ;)~ LOL

I bet its beautiful no matter what you did to it.

Maybe next time we can convince you to go short ;)

Vicki said...

WOW M!! I didn't realize it was that long!! It's beautiful!! The funny thing is - my first gut reaction was DONT CUT IT!!! I think it looks so pretty!! But I'm sure you look great with the new cut.

Like Kris said - WHERE ARE THE NEW PICTURES???? Front and back shots please!! :)

Michelle said...

Robert is away for a few days and took the camera! I will take pics when he returns :)

Joyful said...

Hey's hard to see in the picture - but is that the AFTER shot with the layering??? It looks SO pretty!

Can't wait to see you Saturday!!!
Have a great evening,
Love & prayers,

Michelle said...

No that before, its darker now and a couple inches shorter :) It was always layers but its layered more noticably in the front now since I have bangs..
Hey Joy I hear we are all going to be there on Saturday, cant wait :)