Thursday, May 29, 2008

~Anniversary Getaway~

Robert and I celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary this Saturday. We don't usually do anything other than dinner out to celebrate but this year we have planned a night away to Niagara Falls and the kids are going to their Nana and Paka's for the night. We also had an offer for the next night from Grandma and grandpa for another night minus so we will have a couple nights to ourselves this weekend....which we are both super excited about!! We haven't been without at least 1 well 5years!!!

I wont get too mushy and gross, but I just have to take the time to say how very much I love my husband. Robert has been my best friend for 15 years now, its unbelievable to think back that I was only 18 when we started dating! Time has flown by so quickly and although we have had our ups and downs, I wouldn't trade a minute of it because its made us what we are today. I think Robert and I have a truly awesome relationship, as most of you know we actually 'work' together everyday and still want to be together at night when we get! So to my Husband if your snooping on my blog ;) I love you and look forward to the next 11 years with you by my side, I consider myself blessed to have met you and even more so to be your wife....


Joyful said...'ve made me cry twice in one day!!!

You and Rob are so special to me. I'm thanking the Lord for the beautiful, love relationship you share with each other and with Him. This post is so precious to read. May the Lord continue to strengthen and grow your marriage and may He always be the center of your home.

Have a wonderful weekend away.
Love and prayers always,
"Auntie" Joy
PS. Where did you have that picture done??? I'd love a copy! (Hint, Hint)

Thankful said...

Happy Anniversary....You are my precious Daughter( in-law) and its wonderful the times we share together as family AND friends!!!I hope you and Rob have a wonderful weekend...well-deserved.
Thanks for loving our son the way you do...there is no better gift to us!!!and OF COURSE...our PERFECT grandchildren!!!!! LOL
Love ya lots

Catherine said...

Ok, pass the Kleenex! Beautiful Michelle...absolutely beautiful!!

Have a great weekend away with your sweetie!

Happy Anniversary!