Saturday, May 24, 2008


We all went to Bigfoot Monster Madness this afternoon, I think Joshua thought he was in Heaven!!

This is a shot of the Transformers they had there that put on a little show and 'batteled', this was actually his favorite part.

I think we will make this a regular thing when its in the area.


Joyful said...

Looks like you had an exciting afternoon. Josh sure looks happy!!! How was the volume level? I'm guessing it was pretty loud! I can only imagine how thrilled Josh must have been - he's such a car/truck guy!

Did he get a haircut? He sure looks cute!

If you get a chance, hop over to my blog. I had a friend design a "face-lift" for me as a gift. I think it's lovely.

Hope to see you tomorrow,
Love & prayers,

Catherine said...

Too much fun!! It's great when fun things like this visit us locally. Glad you had such a great time!

Joshua's spiky hair is so cute on him!

Thankful said...

Its finally starting...or almost starting my own blog...thanks to you know who....Guess who!!

KC said...

OMG Ryan would be in heaven also. LOL Sounds like he had a lot of fun. Boys and their trucks :)