Thursday, April 3, 2008

What on earth????

Is that big yellow ball in the sky???? Oh wait, I think its, its, its....the SUN!!!! Woo hoo, the sun was out all day and it wasnt 'minus' something on the thermometer!! What a lift to the spirits I tell ya!

Ok so if anyone is wondering how my adventures with my Leg Magic(Torture Device) is going, well, its going. I actually find it a bit boring, I can finally walk normally again, so thats a good sign. I can do it for about 30 sec so I have doubled my I am going to give it one more week and if I dont feel anymore love for it than I do now, its going back.

I had a super busy day at work today, hired 9 people, all of whom come back in tomorrow to be uniformed and WHMIS trained, anyone wanna guess how many actually return?? I am going to go with 6, which is on the high side, but a girl can dream right? I overhired intentionally knowing that some just drop off the face of the earth. We purchased a powerpoint for work for our training room so the plan is to get the training DONE and then watch a movie...LOL...what, we worked hard this week!!

Victoria had her first tutoring lesson today after school, keeping my fingers crossed that it helps her figure this whole math thing out. Truth be told I think she is a bit lazy, if it doesnt come to her right away she just wants to give up and not try. I have been working with her and the mistakes she is making are just so sloppy it makes me want to pull my hair out....


Catherine said...

Yeah sun and yeah SPRING!! Went for a nice long walk at lunch yesterday and it was wonderful! Hope it's here to stay! Have you dared to put your boots away yet? Just can't quite do that but hopefully soon.

Have to laugh at you taking guesses for those who will come back for training today. I'll guess 7 because that helps you out and you won't have to hire and train more quite so soon. Although, if they know they get to do WHIMIS training today I'm sure they'll be beating down the door. LOL! UGH...that stuff is just painful to get through...poor you. You deserve a movie when it's over!

Hope Victoria's tutoring goes well. It's tough when many things come easy to kids because they can hit a wall when something is tough and it's hard to teach them to push through it. Hopefully things will 'click' for her and she'll be encouraged.

Have a great SUNNY weekend friend! Rumour has it the big yellow ball is due to be out for most of the weekend! :o)

Joyful said...

Is THAT what that was??? And I don't know what it's been doing today....was that rain or snow??? Looking forward to some warmer weather.

Praying about Victoria's tutoring. Hope that goes well. You do know I tutored Robert in Math right?? That was an adventure!!! Yes, Math CAN be an adventure!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.
Love & prayers,