Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Same Old, Same Old

The weather has continued to be beautiful, though today started with rain(which is OK cause its not Kids are doing great, we think Joshua may have allergies though, so I have to make a Dr's appointment to see what we do. I am using over the counter stuff right now trying to see if it gives him any relief. Its not horribly bad, just a constant stuffy nose, which is the same thing I suffer with, so I know how irritating it can be. Robert was in Ottawa Monday night and Joshua had a sleepover with me and was snoring all night because of his stuffed up nose, so I didn't get much sleep. On a fun note, we bought Guitar Hero for the PlayStation this weekend, I haven't tried it yet, but Victoria is awesome at it. Joshua tries, but its a bit hard for him....I think he just gets a kick out of wearing the Guitar!

As for my leg magic, I am getting rid of it. Quite honestly I think I pulled my groin doing it, so its obviously not the thing for me. I have had some people get on it and have a much easier time than I have so its just not my thing. I have read a ton of reviews on it and its pretty much 50/50, so if your thinking of getting it, definitely keep all the packaging and make sure your one of the 50% that can manage on it. I haven't used it in a week and I am still sore at times, so never again...

If anyone reading has been following Roberts knee problem, he went back to the Dr yesterday for his follow-up and he is not in as much pain, so no surgery, he is just going to continue to take it easy, and hopefully he will continue to heal and never need surgery.


Vicki said...

M - I just started Syd on OTC Children's Zyrtec b/c the dr. thinks she may have allergies. I asked her about testing and she said she wouldn't put a child her age through it. I don't know how they do it in Canada, but here they inject a bunch of different allergens into your skin and test for reaction. There's NO way Syd would go for that.
I would be careful about the snoring though. If it's just because of his stuffy nose, that's ok, but if it's regular - you may want to mention it to the dr. It's not normal for kids to snore and it's the reason Mason had his tonsils out. He sleeps so much better since. I'm not trying to scare you, just wanted to make you aware.
Guitar Hero is so cool. Our friend's have it and I STINK at it but it's fun to watch!! :)
I didn't know Robert was having knee problems. Glad to hear he doesn't need surgery!!
Btw, I'm with you - I hate rain, but it's not snow. The rain is headed our way tomorrow!

Heather said...

Yay for no surgery for Robert!!!! :) That is great news!

Joyful said...

The weather was a highlight today!

Glad to hear Rob doesn't need surgery! Hope you make out OK with Josh at the Dr's tomorrow. Poor little guy!

You're better off without that killer of a machine - sounded so cruel!

KC said...

Poor Joshua. I think ryan is going to have allergies as well. I give him Claritin occassionaly, same as Nasonex when needed. What vicki said about the testing, is how they tested Brianna. She did ok with the first 99 needles, but the last 14, she had a tough time with. Yes, you read that right 99 plus 14. BUT, I think they can do a simple blood test. I dont know how accurate those are, but its something to think about. I hope he starts to feel better soon. It's the allergy season. UGH!

YEAH for robert not having surgery. I did'nt realize he was having problems. I hope he's ok.

As for you and your torture machine, Igotta say I did a work outjust picturing you and it. I laughed so hard my belly shook. that counts as exercise, right ;)