Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~The Stitch~

Victoria cut her finger cutting an apple last week. She ended up needing stitches which were referred to by Joshua as 'The Stitch'. She did really well considering the numbing needle didn't work until the last stitch went in :( I think her tolerance for pain medication is similar to that of Roberts. Now that this has happened though at least we can give Dr's and Dentists a 'heads up' so to speak. She has never had a cavity or anything so this was the first time she really experienced pain medication. So she had the stitches in for a week and had them out of Friday. Our family Dr says the Dr did a great job and she should heal just fine and without a scar. We of course HAD to take a photo of her injury to remember it....when she first saw it she refused to ever look again and I told her one day you will want to see it so I documented it with a photo!



Vicki said...

OUCH!!!! Oh my gosh, that looks awful (sorry Victoria!!) How deep is it? From the angle you took the pic, it looks like she cut the whole tip!!! Yikes!!
Glad to hear she'll heal well!!! How did you handle it Mom?!? I would have been a mess!!!

Catherine said...

Ouch! Glad to hear it healed so well!

Joyful said...

I hope it looked worse than it actually was - *ouch*.

Glad it's healing well. Guess she's back to praciticing the piano now ;o)

Have a great day Michelle. Miss you!

Michelle said...

It was a lot of blood im not gonna lie to you! She thought she cut her finger off, but it was just the side..not through the bone or anything. I was pretty calm actually, its funny how you would think you would freak out but when your kids freaking out you have to be calm or you'll scare them even more. Robert was home and took control right away and brought her to hospital. I called my sitter to watch Joshua and headed over and met them.