Friday, April 10, 2009

~New Beginnings~

We are already nice and 'settled' into our new home. The only room in shambles right now is the Master bedroom. We were planning on a furniture delivery tomorrow but the items are on backorder so we have to wait till next weekend.....and so here are the some pictures of the mainfloor.

The kids love the house too, today is a holiday and we are all home together and the kids have already gone to the park 3 times today! Roberts Parents came to see the house today and my family comes to see it tomorrow :)



Vicki said...

WOW - you do not screw around!!! That's incredible!! It looks wonderful and I wish you much happiness there!!! Wish I could come over with a housewarming gift!!! :)

Catherine said...

Beautiful!!! S was telling me all about it last night and what a wonderful job you've done getting everything settled. You my friend are amazing!!! Glad to hear you're all doing so well and that the kids are enjoying their new space. Can't wait to see it on the 19th when we pick up Victoria for our big night out!

Joyful said...

WOW MICHELLE!!!!!! It's gorgeous...and YOU'RE AMAZING to have it so neat and beautiful already!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!! When are you inviting me for coffee...hint, hint!!!!!

Hugs and blessings in your new home. May the Lord's presence fill each room.

Love ya,

Elizabeth said...

It's beautiful! Want to come help me unpack when we move from this lemon next month?

Caren (Haley and Avery's Mom) said...

It's beautiful Michelle! Why am I not surprised you are settled in so quickly!

Anonymous said...

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