Friday, April 3, 2009

~Confirmation the Right Choice Made~

So the countdown is on, we move in only 5days!!! If we didn't already feel our choice was the right one it was surely confirmed today when we received the first big rain of spring. We were greeted by a very wet basement.

Here is a shot of under the stairs...a pool of water....
Obviously things are ALOT worse than we originally thought. Any small crack in the concrete floor is oozing water. Robert jumped in one spot and the water actually bubbled up through the floor. The picture below is showing the area of the basement thats finished and the water is coming out from the floating floor, you can actually splash it with your hands.

And so...Wednesday cannot come fast enough......



Elizabeth said...

OMG, Makes me think of all the leaking issues we're having. I'm going to look at several houses with my agent next week. Good Luck with your move. Things happen for a reason. This was not the right house for you.

Joyful said...

WOW Michelle....what a blessing to see how the Lord has already provided..."before you call, I will answer" (Isaiah 65:24).

We came home to water in our basement yesterday afternoon too! This has been a continual problem since moving into this house...and it was only a couple of years old when we purchased it. Gord is continually working around trying to fix and secure that water doesn't get it...but it still does! I don't think moving is our answer. Glad you get to move to drier land.

Remember, give me a call if you need any evenings are free.

Love ya. Miss ya.

Michelle said...

Joy your basement will still be covered under your new home warrenty, even if the home changes hands you still have that protection. If you need some numbers to call just let me know. If your builder is still in the area the people in the sales office should be able to give you a number to call.

An hour after I took those pictures, all the areas that were not wet were completely covered, you could actually see the water flowing in a certain direction! Luckily all our things are in the finished part with the raised floor so they are not affected.

Catherine said...

Yikes!! So happy you're almost out of there! Don't you just love how God gives you confirmation of decisions when you seek His will? Happy moving friend!!