Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~Tornado Joshua~

So as I come upstairs this evening, I have a clear view of Joshua's room. This is what I see....
Disgarded pair of jammies....guess he changed his mind?

As I pan to the left I see....

and finally....voila....do you like how he picks what pjs he wants to wear?

What more is there to say?


Eisley said...


Heather... aka Eisley

Joyful said...

Oh Michelle....my initial thought was, "Poor Chris...he doesn't own enough pajama's!!!"

Too funny!!!! Oh my goodness. I don't envy you the clean up! I bet the entire mess was all created in seconds too - just like a tornado. Was his room officially declared a disaster zone? Hope the aftermath wasn't too devastating and that relief has come! :o)

Have a great day,
Love ya,

Elizabeth said...

LOL, that looks so familiar! Kids!

Vicki said...

And that's gonna drive you crazy, huh??? ;)

Ah the life of a six year old. I'm amazed at what Syd can do to her room in minutes. And if she has a friend over - FORGET IT!!! :)

Too funny!! :)

Thankful said...

LOL LOL remember he did have an ear ache!! LOL
I'd be choosing his pj's! I thought maybe he was asleep in there somewhere and I kept looking for him on the floor sleeping......what a monkey.!!....How long did it take him I mean you to clean it up!!Poor you!!!

Caren (Haley and Avery's Mom) said...

Hee hee -- Knowing what a neat freak (said with all love and admiration) you are, this is even funnier!

Good to see you blogging again!