Thursday, December 18, 2008

~Santa Visit 2008~

For some reason I cant seem to load it directly on my blog but here is the link for it

Email address is and the password is the same.

Our mall took videos this year instead of photos, I missed the photo but the video turned out to be pretty cute. If you KNOW Joshua you will laugh so hard at this video cause its him through and through, talkin' up a storm and givin' a million details!! In case you cant catch what he asked for its a Wall E Leapster Game...funny thing is he kept forgetting what he wanted to ask him for, he wanted a Wii from Santa and then this came out of his mouth when he spoke to


Catherine said...

That's too cute!! Josh through and through and SO adorable! Sure hope Santa understood what he was asking for!

What a cutie!!

Joyful said...

Yep...we all enjoyed that! Too cute! Whatever he asked for, it sounded like it doesn't come out until Christmas - hope Santa can find it!