Friday, October 31, 2008


Here is our little Motocross Racer this Halloween. Unfortunately he wasn't able to actually trick or treat this year. He has not been feeling well the last couple days and had a fever this evening so he had to stay home and give out candy. He got to wear his costume though and he gets to have our left over chocolate(we have lots

Victoria didn't dress up this year, and is already at a sleepover at her friends for the night. We thought we would have a lot of kids but we didn't have that many at all, Joshua was counting the kids and we didn't realize it till he started saying, "That's 23" So we only had about 30 kids which was disappointing considering I know have about 150mini chocolate bars calling my name.....


Vicki said...

Aww what a shame he wasn't able to go out. He still looks adorable! You know the funny thing - I didn't notice it until now. I thought that could have been Victoria in that costume. His eyes looked just like hers. In that second picture, I had to look close. I could see it was him, but wow!!!
Yeah, I don't even bother with giving out candy anymore. You know where we live - I think people are afraid to come down to the dead end. One year I put a full bowl out on a stool on the front porch while we took the kids out. At the end of the night, the bowl was still full!! Weird!
So now I don't buy it because I don't want 150 mini chocolate bars calling my!!!! :)

Catherine said...

Hope your cute little motorcross racer is feeling better soon. That's too bad.

Joyful said...

Josh looks adorable! Too bad he wasn't feeling well - he disguised his sickness well in his costume!

We were laughing tonight as I drove Chris to his first ever Halloween party - at the age of 16!!! hahaha

We had about 65 kids - and we too purchased candy for 150. There's chocolate calling my name too!

Love ya,

Caren (Haley and Avery's Mom) said...

Awww - that's too bad he didn't get to go out. But, I'm glad he still got to wear his costume and that you had lots of leftover for him!!

KC said...

he looks very dashing in his costume. I'm sorry he didn't get to go out and trick or treat. I hope he's feeling better by now. I set out 3/4 a bag before we left. It was only about 100 dumdums though. they were all gone. :)

But Ryan and Tyler came home with 2 almost 3 walmart bags full. YIKES!